Saturday, September 27, 2014

Parking Lot Shibori update

Greetings All,
Here's an update of my latest "Parking Lot Painted Shibori for your viewing pleasure.  Below left is pink dyed cotton that was painted with Setacolor Raw Senna #25.  The 2nd color was applied with Setacolor Black Lake #19 (above right).

 My next piece was a melon dyed cotton that I applied the Raw Senna (below right) and my 2nd color was applied with Dye-na-Flow Azure Blue #814 (below left)

The next piece is a white polyester crepe that was painted with the Raw Senna (below left)  and the 2nd color was applied with Dye-na-Flow Emerald Green # 820 (below right).
 Above is a piece that started out white cotton with a metallic gold design printed on it.  I added Raw Senna and dark brown.  I have one more 80 degree day here in Peoria, IL and I shall do some more tomorrow before the rain comes and the cold.

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