Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Greeting/Happy Holiday/The Piece of the Week.

Greetings All,

Since I last posted I've had a birthday (58), been to Atlanta and it was cold (37 degrees) and when I left home (Chicago) it was cold (35 degrees). I also have been working hard on several pieces that I'm going to submit for exhibitions and think that I should not show them in total until I've heard from the committees. The images below are from one that I did for a mermaid exhibition and I have finally finished it last week all but the lable.

The piece below, "Gate-1" is my piece of the week. I was inspired by another gate piece that I created from some of my hand dyed and then painted fabric. I fused to peltex both sides and I love the feel of the fabric. I like the stablity and the quiltablity. I'm preparing for an open house this weekend. All the stores are having 3-day events and so is "Hand Works". I hope/pray that you all will have a safe/great/wonderful holiday.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

SOFA/Piece of the week.

Greetings All,

The piece of this week is the sister piece to the "Landscape of Change" (right) piece that I created. I had a busy week and didn't get the chance to do much. I went to SOFA on Thursday night with my friend Judy Coasts Perez and we had a blast. So much great at to see. One of my favorite artist was there Woodrow Nash (below) and I was just in awe by seeing some of his new works.

I also fell in love with fiber artist Barbara lee-Smith (below right) I thought was just lovely and Karen Halt (left/center) had these little dresses that were painted, dipped in bees wax and then in resin were just darling. She also had done framed paintings that were done to match the theme of the dresses.

I also saw in person some of Twiga (below) great jewelry which I have only seen in books I love her use of big, bold beads and color. I returned to SOFA on Saturday and volunteered at the SAQA (studio art quilt associates) booth. I'm a new member and wanted to get out and meet some of the members. I saw Casey Puetz (below right) whom I know from PAQA ( Professional Art Quilt Alliance), Desiree Vaughn (below left)and other wonderful artist of both PAQA and SAQA. We were next to Fiber Arts magazine booth. Sunday Judy Coates Perez , her children and I went to brunch hosted by Prism and Function + Art Galleries in the Fulton Market District. Prism is all about contemporary glass and Function is about everything else. This was a art fill week/week end and my head is bursting with new ideas,

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Did!

Greetings All,

Last night was a night of history as we all know by now. I was at home alone watching and then my children called one by one to talk about what they were watching on CNN and how they wish that they were here in Chicago with me and the masses. They both know that I'm not a big crowd lover so I would not be at Grant Park, but I would be watching as they were. I work when I get stress and I started on Saturday a small piece in honor of the ending of this election process (right-Landscape of Change-I) and I finished it after I went to vote on yesterday. I could not do the early voting being born in 1950 and I had to do it on the historical date. It was amazing standing in line with those that were there for the 1st time, those who brought there children and grandchildren and those that were much more mature than I and did not want to do an absentee ballot as they had done in the past because they too wanted to be a part of the history. The mood was just unbelievable all day long and the ending was just as awesome. Now the hard work begins and those of us that are of faith we must continue to keep prayerful for our president, nation and the world. Yes We Did!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Green Pastures/The piece of the week.

Greetings All,

This week has been a slow week. I've caught another cold from those wonderful little darlings at the day care center where I work out of. So I've not been feeling 100 %. I did another re-make of an older piece. "Green Pastures" has be made over twice now. I was thinking about a question I was asked last Saturday about how long dose it take you to make a piece? This question bugs me. I wonder if people ask painter or sculptors how long it takes them to create a piece? This piece has been in the making for three years and now it's finally finished I think.
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