Sunday, September 7, 2014

Parking Lot Painted Shibori-update

 Greetings All,
Someone asked me if I work and my reply I am retired and can do what I want when I want to. I work all of the time, but not in a traditional job, I am working now as I type, I've been working on my "Parking Lot Painted Shibori" fabrics for two weeks now. For the last two day I have been using my 2002 Subaru Forster as my worktable and drying rack and love each step in the process.  I also need to say this for a long time I could not work, I could not find my flow, no inspiration.  But now I'm back!


Carol said...

Trish, I have been a follower of yours for some time now. I do not have a lot of time for making comments because I am busy taking care of my husband. but, I just had to take time to view the podcast and want to congratulate you on all the beautiful pieces of art that were shown. My best to you in the future. I did not see one piece that I did not like.

Trish Williams said...

Thank you so very much for taking out the time to keep following and commenting. I greatly appreciated that you have done so and I am so very glad that you like my work. Continue to take care of your husband and yourself.

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