Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays/Piece of the Week


Happy holidays to all. I've finished a tee-shirt quilt, a legacy quilt for the a first grandchild and piece for the "Whisper Challenge" that was called by our regional representatives Clairan Ferrono of SAQA. I am truly looking forward to seeing the end results.

Last weekend I also hosted an open-house and at the end of the final day I spent a delightful time with a wonderful friend/collector Patric McCoy who the founder/president of "Diaspora Rhythms" and a artist I have admire for some time, Paul S. Benjamin (above). I ended up doing a trunk show of my work and sharing the stories of each piece. Paul talked about an artist that I was not aware of Sam Gilliam (below center) and I spent an hour the next day just looking at Sam's work along with Paul's.

My piece of the week is the last piece (below) for the Westside HIV/AIDS Regional Planning Council. This has been a great learning experience for me working with this project and one that I will never forget. I chose to do my landscape type of piece with some photo transfers that I altered and then over painted. I also added some striped pieced section. The fabrics all came from PAQA members who were having some give aways at our monthly meeting. So I would like to thank Michele Hardman, Frieda Anderson, Judy Zoelzer Levine, and I also had some fabric that was given to the project by the "Garfield Park Alliance". I would like to thank all that had something to do with the completions of these quilts and most of all WHARP for the opportunity to be their coordinator for the project.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Edna J. Patterson-Petty

Greetings All,
SAQA member Edna J. Patterson-Petty got a call before Thanksgiving that sent her into a creative frenzy. She was asked to be one of 44 quilters to make a quilt to mark the inauguration of Barack Obama. Check out this wonderful article about Edna and her work.

There will be another exhibition in honor of President Obama: A Celebration in Art Quilts
Location: Montgomery College Cafritz Art Center, 150 King St., SilverSpring, MD
Dates: February 9 - March 5, 2009.
Opening Reception: Friday, February13th. Call Center for exact time of reception. Regular Gallery Hours M-F, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Gallery Phone: 240.567.1368

This show, organized by Susan Walen, is an exhibit of artquilts created by an all-volunteer, grass-roots, multi-ethnic group of fiber artists from all across the United States and as far away as Australia. Our work is in tribute to our new President, in gratitude for the hope and inspiration he has brought us. We present these art quilts to celebrate this moment in our country's history

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Quilts for Obama

Greetings All,

I'm still here. I have been busy and under the weather at the same time. I have been working on a tee-shirt quilt and it's given me the blues. I had to take the whole quilt a part. This is not a good thing and it's some thing that I hate too do (taking it a part). Also this dose not allow me to be my most creative self, but it pays the bills. On the other side of thing. I created two new "Obama" pieces. I know that the election is over, but these were for a special exhibit "Quilts for Obama: Celebrating the Inauguration of our 44th President".
An exhibit of 44 Artquilts curated by Roland Freeman. January 11 through January 31, 2009, at The Historical Society of Washington, D.C., 801 K Street, NW at Mount Vernon Square, Washington DC 20001. The exhibit opens Sunday afternoon, January 11, 2009, at 2:00 p.m.. The exhibit is in the Small-Alper Gallery, at the top of the stairway on the second floor. The Historical Society is open Tuesday through Sunday, 10:00 am - 5:00 p.m. If you or anyone you know is coming for the Inaugural weekend, January17th-20th, please keep in mind that there will be several inaugural activities going on in the Historical Society building during those four days. This is a simple schedule of what that weekend will look like at the Historical Society building: Saturday the 17th and Sunday the 18th: you will be able to see the exhibit during the normal opening hours. Monday the19th: they are normally closed. This is also the day in Washington when we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday, so it is a federal holiday.Tuesday the 20th: Inauguration day, the building will be closed.

"Change" (above) is the piece that got accepted and the construction inspiration comes from artist Sonji Hunt. I'm a fan of her work and had been trying small pieces. This was my first larger scale piece (30 inches by 30 inches). I love the abstractness of the piece and this was my second effort. The first piece I did (The Making of a President-below) is more traditional to me in it's construction. A whole cloth quilted background with appliques of states that were places that are the making of president Obama (Honolulu, Illinois, Kansas, and Kenya). I also applied a lone figure of a man to represent the president elect.
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