Saturday, March 26, 2011


Greetings All, Last night I attended Fleurotica-2011 at the Garfield Park Conservatory, where flowers met fashion and it was fabulous. I truly enjoyed the entire evening and here's a slide-show of some of the people that I came across, some plants, and the fashions. I also enjoyed great food and one of my new favorites is opening a restaurant called "Inspiration Kitchens". They had a smoke trout crepe with pickle pear that was delicious and parsnip/carrot coquette with cumin creme. From "Wishbone" I had Jambalaya and cornbread, and I was wowed by all that I tasted. I will be going the the Inspiration Kitchen when they open later in April 2011. Food, friends, flowers, and fashion, what a great way to spend an evening.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cover Story and Piece of the Week.

Greetings All,
The "Piece of the Week" is another one that I have created for FAC's Milagros exhibit, coming soon. The title for this piece is "Behold The Child" and again my focus is on birth, the miracle of it and the importance of family.
My piece "Dancers of Praise" (below)has been chosen to grace the cover of the Yale School of Divinity's "Reflections Journal" this coming May publication. This piece was also was in "Threads of Faith" in 2004 and that was a national traveling exhibit curated by Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi with the WCQN that started at the MOBIA. I am so very honored for that opportunity, this one, and at how God uses what I do.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Culture Wire: Museum of the African Diaspora

Greetings All,
Do check out this video on the Museume of the African Diaspora. Enjoy;-)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cultural Connections Updates

Greetings All,
Here is an update to the Cultural Connections-2011. On the right is a piece from artist Stacey Brown titled "Stay Strong" and it is so very on point with whats going on in this city, country, state, and the world. It is one of his "broken glass pieces" and I so very glad to have it. He got one of my "Darling Divas", Ms. Valentine Jones.

My next new piece is one of Najee Dorsey's mix-media pieces and I love Najee's style and this piece is hanging in my bedroom where I've notice all the pieces in there are about nurturing and here is a mother/grandmother nurturing a child. Also my bedroom is orange and for me that means harmony. Thank you Najee and Stacey. I am honored that you like my work and I love yours. Najee got two of my throws that are titled "Ode to Juanita" and they are the pieces below.

The other news is that "Mother Earth" (below) will be going to the far south-side later this year and for that I'm very happy. I love doing this series and I have been pondering a new one, have it going on in my head and I'm just about ready to start. So you know that there will be more to come later.My final bit of news is that I met a collector from last year who stop by to tell me how much they loved having "Drum On" and she sent me a picture. I love hearing from people on how much they like having my work in their homes. That too me is a good indicator on what I do and that I am conveying to the collector parts of myself and I have plenty to go around. Also notice the orange room:-)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Cultural Connections-2011

Greetings All, Here is the slide-show from the Cultural Connections-2011 and I hope that you enjoy my view.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Piece of the week.

Greetings All,
This is my latest creation titled "Milagros-Mama and Me". I created this piece for an up and coming exhibit for FAC. The call for entries was presented that we had to enter pieces that reflex comfort, hope, peace, strength, courage, and little miracles. For me babies are miracles.

The mother in this piece gave birth in 1950 to twins, her first born. One of the twins died, Mona Carol and the child depicted here was suppose to live only for 30 days. Her age at the point in the piece she is 7 months and has live to be 60 thus far. I call that a miracle.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Opening of Blackbirds and Midwest Meditations - 3/4/11

Greetings All, Here is a slide show from last night opening of "Blackbirds and Midwest Meditations" at Simply Chicago Art gallery. The exhibits are there until March 26th and if you are in the area do come out and see the exhibits. There was a nice crowd and I thank all of my family/friends that came out. Much love to all of you and also thank you to all the FAC members that were there. Enjoy.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Pieces of the Week.

Greetings All,
Here are my pieces of the week. I have decided to finish up some of those pieces that I've not finished in the last year, the year before, and even further back. Thank God lots of them are small. The piece below left/right are in a series that I called "Regina" and they were created in honor of Regina Benson, who's work I admire. The piece below center is titled "Looking Forward" and it too is also a part of an ongoing series of pieces that reflex the "Masai" people. I love the simplicity and the colors of these creations and I hope that you do too.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Midwest Meditations and Blackbirds

Greetings All,

Here's a gentle reminder that Blackbirds/Midwest Meditations open this Friday, March 1st - 31st at "Simply Chicago Art". The address is 1318 Oakton, Evanston, IL 60202. The opening reception is Friday, March 4th from 5-9 pm. This is a Fiber Artists Coalition exhibition.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Walking To Success: An Anthology of Black Hisory

Greetings All,
On Sunday I went to the "Walking To Success: An Anthology of Black History" celebration at Loyola Park Fieldhouse and ran into some of my favorite people. Below is the famous Al Tyler who's work I have love for many years. Al is a visual artist for more than sixty years and a graduate the School of the Art Institute and was also married to the grand Anna M. Tyler until her death in 2009. It was a good thing to see Al and great work.

Below I'm with another one of my favorite people, collector/promoter Robert Armstrong. We were hanging out with some of my "Darling Divas", smiling for the camera, and catching up on current events. Robert and Ms. Loretta Lee where there for Loretta to preform and to promote her up and coming show, "Remembering Billie Holiday". Loretta's performance at this venue was great and I know that her show for April 16th will be as well. So if you are in the area, do come out an support/enjoy Ms. Loretta Lee.

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