Friday, June 29, 2012

Human Thread/Play Date with the Henderson.

Greetings All,
I have finished all the pieces for the exhibit at Human Thread and I no longer have any of the fabrics that where created from my Play-Date with the Henderson from 2009. Below is that final piece (Collaboration-IX-Jamal) and the poem that has inspired the exhibition/journey. The exhibiton will run from:

July 9th - August3rd, 2012

HumanThread Center Gallery

645 W. 18th Street

Chicago, IL 60616

Artist's Reception

2nd Friday Gallery Night

Friday, July 13, 2012

6 pm - 10 pm

For more information visit.

We Too Are Chicago!
By Ramona Dallum Lindsey

Your Gold Coast is not our stomping ground
Oprah rarely visits our 'hood.
We're called Kendra, David, Hector, and Maria
We share the block with Phat Daddy and Lil' Mama
We're regulars on the Green, Red, and Pink Line,
Our train stops at neighborhoods like
Englewood, Auburn-Gresham, Pilsen, and Little Village
We too are Chicago
We stare from bedroom windows at boarded up homes
And wonder about Travis, forced from the 'hood,
Because his people couldn't pay
We pass the teddy bear shrine dashing to catch the train
And wonder during our 60 minute ride to the better school
Who will be the next to die.
We gaze out the train window at homeys on the corner
And wonder how long Drop-outs will stand
Because no one cared enough to give them a chance.
We too are Chicago
Our parents work hard to give us the basics
It's no to the fancy dance lessons, art camps, & theater shows
Most of us leave school with nothing to do
We head home to empty houses
Where we lock ourselves in
But some of us take the dangerous detour
Straight to the pushers, bangers, and hustlers
We too are Chicago
We are more than you see
You see hopeless,
We see dreams!
You see lazy,
We see potential!
You see waste,
We see opportunity!
You see depressed,
We see achievers!
We too are Chicago
Copyright 2012

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