Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cultural Connections Updates

Greetings All,
Here is an update to the Cultural Connections-2011. On the right is a piece from artist Stacey Brown titled "Stay Strong" and it is so very on point with whats going on in this city, country, state, and the world. It is one of his "broken glass pieces" and I so very glad to have it. He got one of my "Darling Divas", Ms. Valentine Jones.

My next new piece is one of Najee Dorsey's mix-media pieces and I love Najee's style and this piece is hanging in my bedroom where I've notice all the pieces in there are about nurturing and here is a mother/grandmother nurturing a child. Also my bedroom is orange and for me that means harmony. Thank you Najee and Stacey. I am honored that you like my work and I love yours. Najee got two of my throws that are titled "Ode to Juanita" and they are the pieces below.

The other news is that "Mother Earth" (below) will be going to the far south-side later this year and for that I'm very happy. I love doing this series and I have been pondering a new one, have it going on in my head and I'm just about ready to start. So you know that there will be more to come later.My final bit of news is that I met a collector from last year who stop by to tell me how much they loved having "Drum On" and she sent me a picture. I love hearing from people on how much they like having my work in their homes. That too me is a good indicator on what I do and that I am conveying to the collector parts of myself and I have plenty to go around. Also notice the orange room:-)

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