Thursday, April 16, 2009

Riverwalk Quilting Guild

Sorry I've not been posting lately, but I've been busy with other things. I did my 3rd trunk-show/lecture this week for the "Riverwalk Quilting Guild" in Naperville, IL and it went very well. I like doing them even tho they make me so very nervous when I start and then bam! Something happens and I just take off with a blast. They where very touch by my piece called Lost/Found (below) and I found myself chocking up telling about how it came about. I look forward to my next engagement. I have some new pieces on the table and I do hope to get one finished soon. The exhibit at the Harold Washington library in downtown Chicago seems to be going well also. I've gotten some good feed back. So if you are in the area it's up until the end of this month. My exhibit is on the 8th floor and I have several small works on the 2nd floor in the children's library.


Sonji Hunt said...

Hey, Trish.
I'm glad all is going well with your presentations and trunk shows. You are such a dynamic person, I can't imagine that you get nervous, though! Obviously that BAM is instantaneous and the common observer would never notice. Also, can't wait to hear your impressions of the big quilt show there. I didn't get to go and haven't heard much. Take care.

Trish Williams said...

Hey Sonji,
Thank you for you kindness and you are correct about the BAM effect. I ran into several members of the Riverwalk guild at the IQF this past weekend and they were still talking about my lecture/trunk-show.

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