Thursday, March 19, 2009

Women's History Month/Piece of the Week

Greetings All,

On Wednesday I spent the morning installing my latest new small pieces along with 16 others at the "Harold Washington Library" for Women History Month and some. I know that this is the middle of the month, but the staff at the library would not allow me to install until the insurance was all in place. I'm not the only one that this happen to from what I understand it happen to all the artist that are participating in this exhibit throughout the city. I have 3 small works in a display case in the children's library on the second floor. Tall Grass (below left) and Dance Granny Dance (below right)are the latest creation and Sax-II (below center) is from a previous series of works that are apart of my "Smooth Jazz Clip-art". They were inspired by children's books, In The Tall, Tall, Grass by Denise Fleming, Our Granny, by Margaret Wild and Julie Vivas, and Jazz on a Saturday Night by Leo & Diane Dillon. I chose these books not only for there stories, but because of there illustrations. I have loved illustrations all of my life. I can remember spending hours looking at the illustrations as a child and falling in love with them. My works can be see at Harold Washington Library on the Visual Arts Floor (8th) and in the Thomas Hughes Children's Library (2nd floor) at the same location until the end of April.

I also stopped by the Chicago Cultural Center to check out the Poetic Dialogue exhibit. My young friend LaShawnda Crowe Storm and her collaborator M. Eliza Hamilton Abegunde part in this exhibit. I was most impress with their work and look forward to seeing others.. The Poetic Dialogue Project, curated by artist Beth Shadur, is an ongoing project of collaboration between contemporary artists and poets, who have created new works of art by responding to the muse of each other’s works. This exhibit will run until April 5, 2009 in the Sidney Yates Gallery at Chicago Cultural Center, 78 East Washington Street, Chicago 2009.

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