Friday, October 17, 2008

Quilting in the City/The piece of the week.

Greetings All,
Today is the set up for NTQG annual quilt show "Quilting In The City" and I'm on my way to give an assisstance. The piece of this week are two of my jackets. I have so may wall hangings completed that there was no need to create anything new for the show and I got pieces that have only been see on my blog and not in person. "Mud Diva" (left) is the 1st jacket and is constructed of all types of Mud Cloths. It has a fringed binding, cuffs, patched pockets and a cruved hem front with side button loopes. I love Mud Cloth and have used it and have used it throughout my career. The next coat is called "Fringed" (right) becasue of the collar. It a wrap closure with dropped hem in back, patched pockets and matching fringed belt. I was on a fringed kick this term. The fabrics are hand dyed cotton, African cotton prints and quilters cottons. Mutli colored, but with lots of reds. Hot!


Anita Knox said...

I love your piece of the week!!


Trish Williams said...

I love doing them and I love the images you sent me of the coats/jackets of "Wrapped in the Feeling". Please do send more of them.

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