Monday, October 27, 2008

Cover Stories and Wrapped in the Feeling

Greetings All,

The tapping of "Cover Stories" went well on Saturday. We had a panel of several levels of skills and types or preferences. I will post more when the DVD has been edit and sent out. Marian Haynes was a good host and I thank her for allowing me to be a part of the panel which included Ora Fireson, Gwen McGee-Boyd, myself and Sandy who's last name I forget. Sandy was the only new quilter. She just started earlier this year after battling cancer. She love to hand quilt and is a member of Marian "Options Quilters" group at Chicago State University.

I did get some more images from Anita Knox curator of "Wrapped in the Feeling". I can't wait until this exhibit comes closer to where I live so that I can see the pieces up close and in person. At the left are two coats by Aundra McCoy (left) called Hope For AIDS and Liani Foster (right) who made a wonderful dinner jacket. Anita Knox has two awesome pieces also in the exhibit (below) one is called "Ella and Sarah" (left) and the other is titled "Jazz" (right).

Aundra McCoy stunning coat in the show (above) that honors her own trials and tribulations facing breast cancer and also to those that have fought or are still fitting. Below is a photo of Barbara McCraw and Viciki Meek (left) and a photo of Vicki coat called "Mississippi Black and White" (right). Also at the bottom of this post is an image of the back of my "Over The Rainbow" coat. Thank you Anita, I forget to take pictures of the back of my coats.


Twila Grace said...

Your coat just rocks! I see quilted jackets that just don't do anything for me, but this one is just gorgeous. I love the colors and the values, which work so well together.

Trish Williams said...

Thank you for your kind words and checking out my blog. I make my jackets/coats just becasues of what you said. I see them too in the stores and they do nothing for me, but when I wear one of these I feel gorgeous.

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