Monday, September 15, 2008

Evil/The piece of the week

Greetings All,

I've finished the final piece in my "Evil" trilogy (left) and I've added to the other two pieces. I did like creating this series of pieces because I used not just cotton seersucker fabric, but vinyl window screen, Tyvek and I burnt the sparkling organza fabric to add to the distress of the theme. Also to some of the photo transfers I sepia toned them and that added an aged look of those images. Today I tied on too the final piece some hanging figures that I painted with Lumiere by Jacquard Metallic Silver to symbolized wealth that could be dispersed with as a teaching tool as to who was in control. I have added little effigies to a previous quilt, but this time I made sure that some of them resemble women in to again honor Laura Nelson who was lynched along with her son in Okemah, Oklamona in 1911. This images came to me when I started this project. Strange fruits of evil. This trilogy dose not have a pleasant theme, but I do like the effect of my affords.

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