Thursday, September 18, 2008

Northshore Quilters Guild

Greetings All,

Yesterday was my first on the road trip. I did a trunk show/lecture. at the Northshore Quilters Guild in Milwaukee, WI. They were so very kind and had great questions about my work. I had them laughing and crying. I'm looking forward to my next engagement. The only draw back I had was I didn't allow for road construction and toll ways. This was the first time that I went out of state by myself and so I was very confused about the tolls. But you live and learn.

The second part of my day was spent with someone who I admire very much and that person is Sonji Hunt (right). Sonji came and met me afterwards and took me to her home. I had never seen her work up close so for me this was a treat. I was just blown away by seeing her work and picking her brain about her process. To see the colors, sights and sounds. I know you are wondering was her house noisy? No but when I look at her work I hear music and it's just awesome. Sonji.

I came home with one less piece (The Lawn - left) but I also came home with more art for my collection. Sonji bestowed on me 7 of her small works(below) and I am in awe. I love you and thanks of sharing. I have six of Sonji's note cards and you can check them out on her Etsy Store. They sale for 10.00 each and I'm not sure if I will send half to family or friends and frame the rest. She also gave me one of her tiny wall hanging (bottom) these are just little gems. I got the best of this deal because I also got some of her pack of hand painted/dyed fabrics that she uses to create these wonderful works.


T said...

Hi Trish,
Love your blog. Your road trip sounds like a real adventure. Your work is beautiful, every peice tells a story and I like that. I was in Europe three years ago and find road tolls problematic as well.
Thanks for your comment on Fibre Arts, I too have began to blog while I am layed up with this back of mine. Visit if you get time and you will see what I have been up to. Which is pretty boring compared to what you have been doing. Go Girl.

Trish Williams said...

Thanks for your kindness and I did check out your blog and like was I saw/read. Your blog allows me to see another way of life. Keep on healing and creating.

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