Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Gifts...

Greetings All,
This is a small piece that I created for my granddaughter who just graduated from high school. She had to finish her last year in a new town and in a new school.  She got accepted at Florida Southern College, Loyola University New Orleans, University of Southern Mississippi, Clark Atlanta University, DePaul University in Chicago, University of Tampa, Colorado State, Bradley University
Arizona State University, University of Kentucky, University of New Orleans and Georgia State University.  We are so very proud of her.  Below is part of her journey in her own words.

Good afternoon, this is Mahagony A.K.A. Momo hacking my dad's Facebook page. Just wanted to share with you guys the photos from my shoot 2 days ago. My scholarship team sent me a photographer to shoot me for press release. My goal throughout high school was to just get in college. I surpassed that by getting into 12 universities. My next goal was to attend school for FREE. Lots of people looked at me crazy! I knew it was possible. It can be done, had been done, and will be I am not a straight A student. My GPA is a little over a 3.0 I scored a 22, 26, 25, and a 26 again on my ACT (yes, I took the ACT four times me and pops was shooting for a 30). What made me stand out amongst the kids with a 4.0 and 30 on the ACT was my perseverance. I maintained employment throughout my entire senior year (Wendy's, The Fresh Market, currently employed at both Pinkberry and Martins Wine Cellar) still making the honor roll every quarter. I took on 3 Advanced Placement classes thanks to my dad. 2 hours after my interview for $80,000 to attend the University of New Orleans I was awarded the scholarship. To those who said it would be impossible for me to attend school for free in this day and age, I serve a God who does the IMPOSSIBLE. I was not awarded $80,000 based on academics and test scores. As my dad would say "Favor ain't fair."
By the way, it's not bragging if the intention is to INSPIRE (I just made that up y'all might wanna start using that). My team will be awarding me at graduation. I hope they give me one of those big checks like the Publishers Clearing House do. I would love to flex on them kids one last time before I catch my flight back to Chicago 😜

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