Saturday, January 10, 2015


 Greetings All,
I had a great day @S.L.A.M. (Saint Louis Art Museum.  I was most impressed and glad to have friends here that don't mind going to various galleries and museums for a good dose of art.  The piece to the left was a good indicator of  whimsy and I was charged for what lay ahead.
My main reason for going was to see Nick Cave's sound suits.  The exhibit started out with a video of his Hair Group and then downstairs to see the 1st of many that lead into the African and Pacific Islanders art exhibit.

Me and my friends and I didn't realize that I was wearing a bit of a sound-suit with my jacket being embellished as it is.  Was this a Freudian Slip???

I wander away form the group for a second and to check to see if that was a Degas?  Yes and I was so excited to see it and then I turned and behold there was another one of my favorites of Monet.

This was my last photo of the grand pond that welcomes you into the museum was slushy, but beautiful nevertheless.

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