Tuesday, January 27, 2015

AOTP update.

Greetings All,
It is finished! I just need to the label. It took two days to remove Peter and John only to replace there where they were. I did add undergarments, but they are just about in the exact same position. Their undergarments are of cotton, the outer-garments are woven cotton. The heads, hands, and feet are of wool flannel coat fabric that I am wearing this winter, so I am covered in more ways than one.  The title is "With Open Hearts: Peter and John at the empty tomb."  This piece was created for the Art Of The Passion exhibit at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Frankfort, IL

Twenty-four award winning and notable artists will be featured in a four week religious art exhibit commemorating Holy Week and Easter through a collaborative depiction of the Stations of the Cross and the Stations of the Light.  St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Frankfort, Indiana, is host to the reflective and meditative gallery-walk March 22-April 18, 2015.
A juried exhibit, Art of the Passion commemorates Christ’s passion and resurrection.The 2015 exhibit brings together the creative work of a variety of artists into a meditative gallery walk.  The exhibit features two sets of stations.  Leading up to Good Friday, Stations of the Cross invites visitors to a deeper experience of the story of Christ’s journey to the cross.  Then, on Easter Sunday, Stations of the Light will open and continue the story with the Resurrection, as it guides visitors along the disciples’ walk with Jesus to Pentecost.
Twenty four artists have been chosen to interpret an assigned station within their own interpretation and style. The result is a dynamic and contemplative experience for the visitor and artist alike.
Featured Artists for 2015, Stations of the Cross, 
March 22-April 3
Monday-Friday: 4-8
Saturday: 10-4
Sunday: 12-3
Ann Dahman: Logansport, IN
Teresa Martin: Julian, PA
Brenda Buckingham Ehrmann: Frankfort, IN
He Qi: Minneapolis, MN
Barb Kinsler: Frankfort, IN
Von Biggs: Indianapolis, IN
Thea Wilder: Frankfort, IN
Kerry Jackson: Indianapolis, IN
Bridgid Manning Hamilton: Lafayette, IN
Daniel Driggs: Frankfort, IN
Ann Lahr: Corvalis, OR
Ed Selvidge: Camden, IN
Mirvia Eckert: Indianapolis, IN
Susan Fox: Pittsboro, IN
Stations of the Light
April 5-April 18
Monday-Friday: 4-8
Saturday: 10-4
Sunday: 12-3
Beth Crawford: Denver, CO
Elias Garza: Frankfort, IN
Trish Williams: Peoria, IL
Daniel Driggs: Frankfort, IN
Stephanie Robertson: Indianapolis, IN
Brenda Buckingham Ehrmann, Frankfort, IN
Laura Fox-Wallis: Rock Hill, SC
Dwayne Dahler: Lafayette, IN
Cheryl Kaldahl: Lafayette, IN
Wayne Schedler: Lexington, KY
Marge Burkholder: Plymouth, IN
Von Biggs: Indianapolis, IN
Moises Garcia: North Manchester, IN
He Qi: Minneapolis, MN
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church
2029 S State Road 39
Frankfort, IN 46041

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