Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Marion Coleman - Kaunas, Lithuania

Greetings All,
Sister/quilter Marion Coleman is working her way toward Kaunas, Lithuania and Kaunas Textile Biennial'11.


Love quilts? Love stories? My project Separate Worlds combines the best of both in a 6 part narrative quilt series headed to Lithuania this fall as part of the Kaunas Textile Biennial '11. I want to join my quilts, share more stories, network with artists selected to exhibit and collaborate with local artists about their lives and communities so I can create more quilts. You can help me get there and explore a new and different part of the world and its people. The end result will be a memorable cultural exchange that will lead to a new series of quilts about the trip. For more information check out her link at Kickstarter and you can make a donation. Congratulations Marion, we are so proud of you.

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