Monday, June 20, 2011

Lake Meadows Art Fair - update

Greetings All,
Well I survived another "Lake Meadows Art Fair" and had a great time. The art was fabulous, great music (Dee Alexander, Maggie Brown, and Ari Brown), crowd wonderful, and the weather was delightful. I'm so very glad to have participated in this year's venue.

This was the second year that I spent next to artist Quinton Foreman (below far right) and his family. Quinton was supported by his wife and four children since this was "Father's Day" weekend and they were very gracious to me as well. Thank you Quinton/family. See you next year;-)
Lowell Thompson (below) was front and center, and I always look forward to what he's doing and where he's showing. Great work as always Lowell.

Nora Musu (below) art I found just fascinating. It's a mix-media style that I just love and she was so very kind. This was her first time showing in Chicago and I hope that she comes again. For more info about her and her work check out her website.

Jeanne Chaney (below center), current president of Needles and Threads Quilters Guild took home with her Regina-I (right) and Rum Raisin (left) went to the far south side. Both are small beaded works that were created during a play-date with the Sew What Art Quilters back in the day:-)

Below are Cynthia Bowman (left-collector), Juarez Hawkins (center left-artist/instructor), and Nelson/Alice Scott (right-collectors). Alice/Nelson are the only people that I know that own some of jazz great Miles Davis painting. I am so very impress with their collection and look forward to seeing it again. All of the below are members of Diaspora Rhythms.

Gerald Sanders (left) and Robert Carr (right) are two of my favorite artists/people. I'm currently taking art classes with Gerald and Robert is one of his students/friends. I've know them both for years and admired their work. Robert and I know each from before we had children and gray hair:-)

Regina-III ( below-left) has found a new collection to hang out in and that is the talented artist Arlene Turner Crawford. I'm in love with Arty's work and have several of her pieces in my collection and that dose me proud that she loves my work. Check out her link and you will know why I'm in love with her work.

Above you shall see Trish Williams (left), Patric McCoy (center) who is the co-founder of Diaspora Rhythms, and Sylvia Cook (right). Sylvia introduced me to Patric and we've all become great friends and our art collections have grown in the processes. I truly had a great time as always and thank you so very much Helen West for carrying on the torch.

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