Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Update-View From A Booth-Ethnic Arts Festival

Greetings All,
I forgot to post my new clients and some old ones. Below is Jessie Kaplan who walked away several times and came back because she had to have "Moon Light-"I the first is a series of pieces that I've started. You can tell by the expression on her face that she's a satisfied customer. Thank you Jessie
The piece below is called "Tall Tall Grass" after a children's book I would hear the teachers read at St. Vincent De Paul's daycare center in Chicago. I love the book and when I was asked to do an exhibit at the Harold Washington Library in Chicago in 2009 I was also asked if I had any pieces that would fit in the children's library. I didn't at the time, but I soon came up with some and this is one of those. It now belongs to Rachel Breivald and is hanging in her baby's room and to them I'm grateful/thankful. I know that they love it because they too came back after walking away without it.

Below is David and Heath. I think that David looks like Ernest Hemingway and he thought that I did not remember them. They have come to my booth each year that's I've done the festival. They buy birthday presents for a friend that lives in Vermont and she love's my pantsuits and I love the fact that they think of me each year. I can also add Juliette Malone and Dorothy Easton to the list and I thank them all for their support.


Carol said...

Hey, I love your blog very much and would like to follow, but there's no connect for me to do this. But, I have you as favorite and will continue to come by for much inspiration.

Trish Williams said...

Thank you for stopping by and I'll see what I can do about allowing followers to connect. I will also check you out a post to your blog.

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