Thursday, September 24, 2009

Jamal's Piece

Greetings All,

Jamal's piece is finished and I didn't want to take away from his work so I just quilted heavely with Superior Primary color thread. Do click on the image for more detail view. This pieces was painted with Setacolor transparent, Tulip Slick, Tulip Pearl, and Tulip Glitter.

All paints were donated by Loraine Little and Michele Hardman, who I thank wholeheartedly for their contributions. Loraine also gave me the base fabric. I have decided to make this an on-going event/project not just with the Henderson, but with any child that shows an interest. The next piece that I will work on is Jamillah's and next Monday I have a play-date with my mentee who wants to explore fabric paint and I'm going to try to convince her to quilt it on her own. I will keep you posted on our "Collaboration Projects".


Karoda said...

Just wanted to say I so dig this piece! Please pass this onto the young artist!

Trish Williams said...

Thanks for stopping by and yes I will pass on your kind comments to Jamal. We have another play-date set for this afternoon and I will post more about our collaboration.

Renee said...

Love the piece and your way of 'collaborating'. You are definitely helping these youngsters find their inner creativity. Can I come and play? I want to learn how to paint on fabric :-)

Trish Williams said...

Thank you so very much for stopping by and checking us out. Also you can come and play any day you want :-)

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