Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chicago Jazz Fest Art Fair - Part II

Greetings All,

I made it through another weekend of vending and the city could not have looked any better. There were blue skies for days and the weather was just great. I met people from all over the planet and educated so many about what I do, why and how. The music was just wonderful and to my surprise there were some great high school bands that were just unbelievable with their talent.

Several of my large works found new homes and for that I am grateful. "Mother Water" (left) is gone to the east-coast and "To The Water" went to north-side of the city. Both of the pieces are water related and we were at the lake front all weekend. Hmmm?

My daughter Kemba came up from Georgia to give me a hand. Some of her friends were also visiting from Georgia and they came out to say hello. It was just great to meet Mama Graham and Grace as my daughter Kemba calls them. I also met an internet daughter Fallon Wilson who hung out with me and Kemba all afternoon on Friday and Fallon was just a delight. Tracy Lewis, mama Grace's daughter was also in attendance with one of her friends and we all had a great time.

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