Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Did!

Greetings All,

Last night was a night of history as we all know by now. I was at home alone watching and then my children called one by one to talk about what they were watching on CNN and how they wish that they were here in Chicago with me and the masses. They both know that I'm not a big crowd lover so I would not be at Grant Park, but I would be watching as they were. I work when I get stress and I started on Saturday a small piece in honor of the ending of this election process (right-Landscape of Change-I) and I finished it after I went to vote on yesterday. I could not do the early voting being born in 1950 and I had to do it on the historical date. It was amazing standing in line with those that were there for the 1st time, those who brought there children and grandchildren and those that were much more mature than I and did not want to do an absentee ballot as they had done in the past because they too wanted to be a part of the history. The mood was just unbelievable all day long and the ending was just as awesome. Now the hard work begins and those of us that are of faith we must continue to keep prayerful for our president, nation and the world. Yes We Did!


Karoda said...

this quilt is super great!!!! what makes it for me is the face (which i have on a bumper sticker) coupled with the intentionally large shoulders! just love what it implies too!

Karoda said...

oh what size is it?

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