Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Seaway Bank Art Fair/Vending

Greeting All,

Well I have recovered from vending this past weekend and I am learning that I can't keep this up much longer by myself. It's just to much work for me alone. I do manage to get help while I'm at these events, but not when I get home or when I'm packing to leave from home. Sales were low and that didn't make things the greatest, but I did meet some wonderful peoples as usual and I have definitely decided that I am going to take some art classes with Gerald Sanders. I love Gerald's work for years (right) and I hope to add him to my collection. I didn't know he taught until this pass weekend. He had several of his students with him in his booth working on several different types of art (paint, pencil, and charcoal). All ages and male/female. He even convinced one of my friends who claim she can't draw a straight line to want to take his class.

I was also next to another artist who's work I fell in love with and had never met before, Eddie Hudson. Mr Hudson works mainly with charcoal and ball point pen to the likes of which I have never seen. I'm sorry to say that I don't have any images of Eddie or his work, but he has several paintings of some Masai that I must added to my collection. I also ran into an old acquaintance, Robert Carr. Bob and I go way back to the days before children. We use to do fashion shows and club sets together. We didn't know that each other had other artistic talents and were both impressed with each other. Bob is also one of Gerald Sanders former students. This is his work at the left of Stevie Wonder.

I also met a wonderful young woman named April D. Preyar who is just unbelievable to me. She is a criminal attorney and has a website titled "Beat Your Case Now". I hope/pray that I never need her services as a lawyer. But she also writes " sassy, smart, edgy" poetry and illustrates her own book covers. "Preyar earned her law degree from George Washington University Law School. She graduated with her undergraduate degree in English and Spanish from Duke University". All of this I found just fascinating and I read her book "That Girl!" (right) while I sat in my booth. This is her 2nd literary effort. I am always delighted by the people that I meet when I'm out vending.

There is one more old acquaintance I made contact with this weekend and that's Marian Hayes and she introduced me to April. Marian is an artist who is into writing, music, dance, drama, and quilting. Below is a picture she took of Teresa Scott, April Preyar, and myself in front of my booth. Teresa is one of those friends that has been a friend for years and I love her like a sister who just came out hang out with me and made my day. She also bought me a great cat fish dinner that was lip smacking good and large enought to share with two other people. Teresa's granddaughter wants to be a writer and April might become her mentor.

I did sell several packets of my note cards and two autograph copies of "Threads of Faith" and a wall hanging called "Tropical-II" (below right). One of those copies of TOF went to another of those great girl friends that support, encourage, and nurture you long life's way and I grateful that they are in my life. Elanda Shannon is that friend and she is also the chairperson for this year annual "Needles and Threads Quilters Guild" quilt show so go to their website and check out the show info.

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