Friday, August 8, 2008

SWAQ-monthly meeting


Last week I completed one small piece titled "Keep On Running"(left). It was made with a Guinea Brocade that had been embroider, vintage fabric from the 70s, chocolate brown Kona/mottled cotton and buttons. I'm stressed and I have deiced that I will try to make a piece a week. I made quite a few when my dad was sick last year and it helps to keep my mind off of the issues. This week I worked on my challenge piece for the SWAQ called "Evil". Gwen McGee Boyd has the other half "Good". This is the first time that Gwen and I have collaborated on a piece.

I also finished another small work in the same spirit of "Keep On Running" and it's call "Run On"(right). I used the same template, but reverse the direction of the runner and I used a different type of background. I also allowed the runner to be off the page so to speak by placing it off of the background.

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