Sunday, May 15, 2016

Update on Public Art and it's affect.

Greetings All,
I have got some wonderful feedback about some of my public art and I have never gotten any before.  This morning I got this about these two pieces that are the Comer Children's Hospital in Chicago, IL.

"Your work has been a powerful source of healing and strength for families who are stressed and in these hallways during long nights and busy days. Your art is a genuine gift to all these worried souls!"

Daddy's Babies - Dream Keeper (above) inspired by Langston Hughes poem.

Whisper Grown (above) inspired by the Talmud.

Summer Solace (above) is at Prentice Women's Hospital also in Chicago and I got this feedback about this piece.  "This beautiful quilt is hanging prominently on our fifth floor Reception Area which is our Diagnostic Testing Floor.  It is the first piece that our visitors see once they come off the elevators.  We have continued to receive great feedback, in fact even received a request to sell the piece to a patient who just loved it".

Knowing this is the affect that my work has on others make my heart soar and for that I am humble and grateful. 

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