Monday, May 9, 2016

Pop-Up Exhibition at The Creative Room.

Greetings All.
Coming to the Chicagoland are, A R T | Pop-Up Exhibition THE cre.æ.tive ROOM Presents Woven Fabric P I E C E S | MarY Young + TrisH Williams. You’re invited to explore a rich one-of-a-kind Archive Collection of Fiber + Textile Art P I E C E S | “Percepts Inspirited by Episodes of Creative Expressions of Self." Experience this unique Women Artists Collaboration and learn more about their Studio Practice + P I E C E S: MarY Young | Indigo + Adinkra Symbolism and TrisH Williams | Quilting + Integrated Mixed-Media.  Join Us for the Exhibition May 20-21, 27-29, Private Artists OpenStudio (by appointment) May 23-26, and Artist Talks May 28 | MarY Young & May 29 | TrisH Williams.

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