Monday, November 22, 2010

Short Stories - Illinois Artisans

Greetings All,
Next month I'm the featured artist at the Illinois Artisans and they chose "Mother Earth" (above) to grace their "Facebook" page and she's on the website in feature artist section. She's one of my favorites also, but then again all of my work is my favorite until it's no longer mine. Here's the press release and if you are in the downtown Chicago area and looking for some great gifts stop by and check us out.

"Short Stories" by Trish Williams, Chicago, IL
This December, Trish Williams is featured at Illinois Artisans. These art quilts are created within a one to two day time frame and “where I work out whatever trials I may be going through at the time.” By the time of completion, the issue has been addressed or resolved. Her therapeutic process helps her explore a new idea, thought or challenge. Her idea is self-contained in each small to medium piece: a short story. I’m a self-taught fiber artist/quilter who discovered art quilting in 1997. This format has been a life changing discovery for me. It has allowed me to combine
two of my passions: art and sewing. I include some mix-media techniques in my work by painting fabrics, adding paper, metal and other found objects for embellishment. This allows me a broader sense of expression and creativity. My work is inspired by my culture, community and color.
She has exhibited her quilts since 1998 and is represented by the Illinois Artisans in Chicago. Short Stories is on display during December and all quilts are for sale.

The Illinois Artisans Shop, a not-for-profit endeavor, is a showcase for art work created by the state's finest artisans. It provides an ongoing opportunity to view and purchase the best designed and crafted traditional, contemporary, ethnic and folk art made in Illinois.
Illinois Artisans Shop, 100 W. Randolph, Ste. 2-200, 312-814-5321, Monday - Friday 9 - 5

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