Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bittersweet and Not Just Another Pretty Face.

Greetings All,

This past weekend was a bittersweet one. My birthday was on Sunday and it was a milestone, but it was also the death of one of Chicago history makers Dr. Margaret Burroughs. Dr. Burroughs was one of the founders of the Du Sable Museum of African American History and a great artist and will be truely missed. This past summer I saw Dr. Burroughs at the Lake Meadows Art Fair were she was strolling through passing out signed poster of herself to all the artists and vendors. I was so honored that she was doing so that I asked if I could take her picture andshe kindly stop to allow me to do so and above is that image. She has left a great legacy and we all are grateful by her time spent here.

On a lighter note on November 20th was the opening reception and unveiling of "Not Just Another Pretty Face" at the Hyde Park Art Center. I was blown away by all the wonderful art and people and a special thanks goes to my friend Patric McCoy. Patric commissioned 6 of us to create pieces for him to add to his great collection. Patric is one of the founders of Diasporal Rhythms and is a collecter/educator of art.

Before we went to the opening we did dinner together were we both cook and had a great meal of Bay shrimp salad that Pat made with shrimp, green onions, parsley, cherry tomatoes, olives and dressed with olive oil. Just lovely combination of favors and colors. I baked lake bass fish that he had caught early this year and I used some lemon season that he provided that was just perfect on the fish. I also brought Brussels sprouts that we cooked with shallots and white wine. Pat also made hot-water cornbread and we at like champs this delightful Nuvo-Soul Food;-) Sorry that I didn't take any pictures of the meal, but I will the next time. For dessert we had Ruinart champagne and dance to Gary Taylor. Below is a slide show and I hope that you enjoy.

Patric McCoy."I, and others in Chicago, maintain that it is important for the peoples of African descent in the Americas, the Caribbean, Europe and Africa to be in the forefront of acquiring and validating the creative images produced by the artists in their communities. And, through these collecting and promoting activities, be the first voices in naming those high quality creations as fine art."

---Patric McCoy
President, Diasporal Rhythms

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