Sunday, August 16, 2009

26th Annual Seaway Bank Art Fair

Greetings All,

I made it through another weekend of vending and above are the "We Three Quilter" (Charlotte Keith, Doris Barnes and friend). These ladies love machine embroidery and color. It was great seeing them and they won 3rd place in the fiber/doll category and I came in 2nd and Juliette Hurtz came in 1st. Above is Lori Watts-Branch, owner of "Sen Tea Mental Moods" relaxation & wellness specialty teas. I have been drinking Lori's teas all week and they are just wonderful. She also to me had the best display with her booth set-up it was just as relaxing as her teas.

Everett C. Williams (left) had for me the most interesting art and I love his laid back attitude. Gerald Sanders of "Studio Bronzeville" (below) and some of his students where there and I always look forward to seeing them and what they are doing. It is my desire to take classes with Gerald I love his technique and they way that he brings out the best in his students.

Bill Hill (below) of the "Murphy-Hill Gallery" was a 1st time exhibitor and I was great to see his wonderful photography. One of the most interesting artists to me was Dr. Yemonja Smalls (below) a clinical psychologist, specializing in treatment of behavioral disorders for children and adults. I love her colors, her sense of style and she has the most beautiful personality.

Eddie Hudson (below) is also one of my favorite artist and that is because he uses pencils/ball-point pens and dose lots of black/whites and I have a strong passion for black/white. It was great to see Eddie again this year.

The gathering of mature men, Babatunde (right) hanging out with one of his friends. Tunde is one of Chicago fabulous jewelry designers and is known across the country for his unique style. I own several of is small pieces and wear them with pride.

The "Over The Rainbow" coat was a hit again and it still has not found a home. This woman (right) told me that I was not going to be able to sell this coat until she went back to work next month because this coat belong to her. She asked to try it on and I agreed, but I didn't get her name She told me that she had seen me last month at the "Ethnic Festival" in Evanston, IL and had come to this event to see if her coat was still there. I will take it out again next month to the "Chicago Jazz Festival" Sept 4th, 5th, and 6th and we shall see if it sales then. The life on the road. I'm now on my way to "Artisans 21 Gallery" to do my bit for the day.

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