Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Major donation via Dr Carolyn L. Mazloomi

Greetings All,
Here's a quote from , Dr. Aleia Brown "While the work in the Carolyn L. MazloomiWomen of Color Quilters Networkis invaluable for its contributions to women's studies and Black history and culture, it is still important that we have documentation that the collection has been appraised at over $500,000. Thank you Dr.Mazloomi for your generous donation to the Michigan State University Museum!
My dissertation and book project is largely based on the work and the women who contributed their work to this collection. Thank you Ed Johnetta Miller, Peggie Hartwell, April AnueDindga McCannonDorothy BurgeTrish WilliamsMarion ColemanCarole StaplesBisa ButlerDeborah FellPeggy LucasLatifah ShakirLauren AustinSylvia HernandezSheila A WhiteDeborah Fell. Please share widely, and especially with other Network members".   For more info check out the link here:

Dizzy - 2003 by Dr Carolyn Mazloomi

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