Saturday, November 12, 2016

Quilt - V of The Lynch Quilt Project

Greetings All,
I've been working on Quilt-V of  The Lynch Quilt Project and let me tell you this has been a learning experience like no other for me.  

"The Lynch Quilts Project is a community based effort, which examines the history and ramifications of racial violence in the United States of America through the textile tradition of quilting. Join us in weaving a new future towards social justice - past and present".

Quilt IV: Failed State
This quilt explores the paradox of theory vs. reality in terms of the politics and ideological framework concerning the larger context in which lynching and racial/ethnic violence began and continues to exist in America.

I tried quilting this quilt on a long-arm machine and caught all type of problems.  I got help from someone who had quilted several quilts on this machine and she too caught all types of problems.  This went on for days until the point that I had to take  the quilt home and remove everything that I had done.  I took a break for the quilt for a couple of days and then returned and finished the quilting and for that I am grateful.  


that black girl artist said...

Excellent. Glad you could finish it. Will you post other photos?

Trish Williams said...

that black girl artist I no longer have the quilt, but if she share photos with me I will post them here. You go to the LQO, but here is a link to it's site and you can follow along there.

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