Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Thru The Trees - Update

Greetings All,

Here are the two other pieces in my series "Thru The Trees".  This focus was about the birch trees, the black birds, and the color.  All of the fabrics with the acceptation of the black birds are from my "Parking Lot Shibori" fabrics that I created last summer and now with every opportunity that I get I am using them and loving it.

Black Birds/Crows/Ravens
For most Native Americans, the raven/black crow is a great trickster. However, it also sometimes symbolizes transformation or change.
In ancient Egypt, however, the crow was a symbol of faithful love because of the bird’s monogamous nature.  The crow urges you to think outside the box, to examine what tools and skills you have at your disposal, and to apply them in perhaps unconventional ways to achieve your goals.

The crow reminds you to have fun while you’re working to understand life and how you fit into the cosmos, which can too often be an overly serious enterprise. Are you denying yourself the opportunity to play?
If you are having trouble handling some sort of change in your life, call on the crow to be your companion through it.  This is why you will see black birds/crows/ravens in my work.

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