Thursday, July 2, 2015

1st Friday @ the CAC - July 3, 2015

Greetings All,
I'm getting ready for this month's 1st Friday venue and her are a few of the small works that I have created or re-purposed for this event.  Below is a piece that I created in 2007 and only showed once, but love the piece nevertheless.  This piece is created with my hand dyed cotton, commercial cottons, and batik.  It was raw-edged appliqued, fused appliqued, and embellished with glass beads and sequences.  Sewn to a wrapped canvas that measure 18 x 24 and is ready for hanging.

The Wave below is a piece that I whole cloth quilted and then cut and reassembled.  This piece was created with Indonesian batik cotton and sewn to a 18 x 24 wrapped canvas and is ready for hanging.  On 1st Friday I will be a guest artist at the studio of resented artist Patricia Whalen Keck at the Contemporary Art Center of Peoria

I am so very grateful for the opportunity to be in this space and I am pulling out all of the stops and I am including my wearables as well.

This piece below I will not have it available for 1st Friday because it has already been asked for and for that too I am grateful.  This piece was created with some of my hand dyed fabric that I painted and whole cloth quilted.  Once quilted it was folded and press into shape and sewn to a wrapped canvas.

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