Sunday, December 22, 2013

Milagros @ Charlevoix Circle of Arts.

Greetings All,
Here are photos and information about FAC exhibit posted by Kathie Briggs and my piece "Behold The Child" is a part of this exhibit and I hope that you enjoy.

Milagros at the Charlevoix Circle of Arts

Milagros, a traveling exhibition by the Fiber Artists Coalition is the featured exhibit in the all-media show of the same name at the Charlevoix Circle of Arts in Charlevoix Michigan.
Milagros are small metal figures used to thank Christian saints for fulfilling requests in time of need.  Milagros as a custom accompanied the Spanish as they arrived in the Americas and continues to be a part of folk culture throughout rural areas of Spain as well as in Central and South American and parts of North America.  In Spanish, the word milagro literally means miracle or surprise.

The spirit of Milagros inspires the art in this collection.  Members of the Fiber Arts Coalition and eight guest artists have created pieces offering comfort, hope, peace and strength. 
The fiber pieces make up the majority of the exhibited artwork and are accented by assemblages, sculptures, blown glass and paintings created by invited artists.
Spring inspires Clairan Ferrono’s series of three works celebrating the season. “Spring in the Midwest is the longed-for miracle of rebirth.  The bright colors and green shoots of bulbs bursting forth after an extended period of snow and cold make me smile and dance!”

But spring is not the only season that inspires. Joy in the Morning by Linda Witte Henke is “inspired by the subtle color and nuanced beauty of the Indiana winter landscape, bears witness to the hope and promise ingredient in each new day.”

Hope by Kathie Briggs celebrates the hatching of a wild Whooping Crane chick to the Easter Migratory Flock of this majestic and highly endangered bird.

And Shelley Brucar’s Counting Stars II reflects on the simple pleasure of “the carefree times when we would lie in the grass at dusk, watching the stars appearing in the sky” which remains a magical even to her.
Milagros opened on December 7, 2013 and will run through January 14, 2014

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