Saturday, November 24, 2012


Greetings All,
Yesterday I shipped off to the Illinois State Museum in Springfield, IL three of my pieces to become a part of their permanent collection of African American Quilts.  I know these are not traditional quilts the type that most museums look for and yes I do created traditional quilts from time to time, but this type of quilting is my main passion.  Also this represents who I am at it's best and the pieces that I donated are pieces that I feel very strongly about because they are some of my favorites.

Below right " Kaleidoscope Treasure" was created out of some of my hand dyed cottons and African Wax printed cotton.  I love this piece because it was present to member of P.A.Q.A. as a challenge for the American Orchid Society exhibit in Florida in 2003 and I loved the whole process of creating this piece.

"Winter Celebration" (below center) is a re-occurring theme of pieces that celebrate women because I do believe that "women hold up half the sky" and I love the contrast of black and white. I chose African Wax prints and traditional quilters cottons.  I also embellished with Cowrie shells and buttons because both were use as a type of currency in the history of Africa and United States.

"Through The Trees" (below left) was created because a group of trees that were in my front yard at time of this creation and I had a love/hate relationship with these trees.  The background sky was created during a play-date with my next door neighbors children that were curious about what I did, so I showed them and allowed them to create fabrics that I would later use in my work in honor of them and I do hope/pray that all is well with them wherever they are.  This piece is a joint donation with the support of Alexander (Sandy) Schweitzer artist/quilt appraiser and P.A.Q.A. member who befriended me from the beginning of joining that group.  Sandy is also an advocate to help increase the collection of African American quilts at the Illinois State Museum I am honored that she asked me to participate and that the museum accepted my donation.  Thank you so very much Sandy.


Carol said...

I truly love all your pieces and am especially fond of the piece with the flowers, and the one with the women. Ah shucks!! I work a lot in these areas, and must say I love them all.xoxo

Trish Williams said...

Thank you and yes birds of a feather flock together:>)

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