Monday, March 19, 2012

Dispatch from the Future by Kathy Weaver

Greetings All,
On Sunday afternoon I went to the artist reception and gallery talk of Kathy Weaver, "Dispatch from the Future" at the Kreztmann Art Gallery, Concordia University, River Forest, IL. Kathy is one of my favorite artists, plus love gallery director BettyAnn Mocek. Kathy work is not a subject matter that I’m drawn to normally, but maybe it’s because I one of those boomers that was grew up on “Lost In Space, Start Trek and Flash Gordon” and if find that I'm a fan.

Any who, and I do like “Dr Who” also; I love Kathy’s work and her technique which is mostly air-brushed and somewhere in my mind I would like to try that. Kathy also incorporates hand stitching and hand embroidery which are traditional in her very futurist work. She grew up in Lancaster, PA and that's very much quilt country and traditional. Enjoy the slidshow ;>)

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