Saturday, February 5, 2011

C.I.S. update/Fiberarts magazine and Patric McCoy pt1

Greetings All,
I found out yesterday that Maggie Weiss's "Canopy" (left) and my "Save Darfur"
(below right) will be in a write up about
"Conversation in Stitch" in Fiberarts magazine spring issue. C.I.S. is an exhibit of the Fiber Artists Coalition at the Anderson Art Center in Kenosha, WI until March 20,2011.

The Fiber Artists Coalition is made up of Professional Artist Members of Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) from the upper Midwestern United States. FAC curates traveling exhibits of its members' works. Members employ a variety of innovative materials and techniques in the creation of fiber art with a contemporary edge.

Today's feature is not an artist, but a lover of art extraordinaire. He's a art educator and a wonderful friend. He will be the feature for the next 3 days and he's being interviewed by one of Chicago own talented artist, Andre Guichard of Gallery Guichard. Patric is also one of the founders of Diasporal Rhythms. Diasporal Rhythms - Passionate and Engaged Collectors of Works by Contemporary Artists of the African Diaspora - Our Mission is to build a passionate group of collectors engaged in the activity of collecting visual ary created by contemporary artists of the African Diaspora. To expand appreciation of visual art created by contemporary artists of the African Diaspora.

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