Friday, July 24, 2009

24th Annual Ethnic Arts Festival in Evanston, IL

Greetings All,
Well we survived another festival and I met some wonderful people as usual. This time I was amazed by the young people that wanted to take pictures of my work and in turn I took pictures of them and some of them immediately posed. I had a great time.

The new items that I took this time were the garments (left). The "Over The Rainbow" coat was the big hit. It got photographed with and without me and I even took a picture of it with and a friends that stopped by the booth (below). It also was modeled, stroked and praised, but it didn't find a new home yet.

Gwen McGee-Boyd (above right) had a great weekend also and here she is explaining one of her pieces. Gwen has a new website and do check her out at It was a lovely weekend. Next month I will be at the "Seaway Bank"24th annual art fair on 15th and 16th from noon to 6 pm each day at 645 East 87th street. So if you are in the area come by and say hello. Summer in the city.


Renee said...

ok, you had me all excited when I saw the address, so I jumped over to my NYC event finder, to find out more about the event and couldn't find a thing... But now I realize you aren't in NY.. BooHoo!

Have fun, wish I could come see your work!

Trish Williams said...

Hey Renee,
Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad to know that you are out there. If or when you come to Chicago let me know.

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