Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Patric McCoy pt4

Greetings All,

Elmhurst College kicked off Black History month with a visual treat.
The college put on display a number of peices from the personal collection of Patric McCoy, a a founding member and president of Diasporal Rhythms, a Chicago-based organization of collectors of contemporary works by artists of the “African Diaspora.” He loaned the college 50 peices that showcase African American artists. “This exhibition looks at the role of the collector and the importance of his/her capacity to encourage and support the development of artists,” said Suellen Rocca, curator and director of art exhibits at Elmhurst College. “Patric McCoy and the other members of Diasporal Rhythms are truly passionate in their goal of sustaining and validating contemporary artists of African descent.”

Patric McCoy part - 4. Enjoy.

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